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Um, I can’t find the exit.

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So the airport is really not that far from my house, maybe 14 miles. With the bridge out (35W bridge collapse) you have to take a detour. The detour was blocked by numerous police cars and firetrucks, so I got all turned around and lost. I ended up backtracking way around and it took forever. I was about to lose my shit. I kid you not, I do not PMS and here I was holding back tears because I couldn’t get to the airport. Irrational? Yes. I’m glad my Mom could find humor in the situation when I called her freaking out about HWY 62.

In the end I got there, Stanley got to sit in his Dad’s lap the entire ride home and we got Mac’s for dinner. Nothing better than pulled meat. That’s what I always say. Seriously, that Reuben is so damn good. It made up for the fact that Punch! was closed and I couldn’t get the pizza I had been dreaming about all day.

So everything is back to normal. His next trip is in August- to Vegas. Lucky bastard. I think next time we go out of town Stanley will need some tranks or something. The dog has too much anxiety.

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