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Two week wait.

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This is annoying. I shouldn’t have purchased the tests today with my groceries because I want to take one just to take one. I know at only 5 days past ovulation I don’t have a chance at getting a positive reading so I will abstain.

So far I have been having lots of headaches. I am so tired I can actually lay down for a nap and pass out for HOURS. This is not normal. Usually I lay there and am up within 30 minutes, too much to do, too much on my mind. Then there is the eating. Since going overnights I’m down to basically two meals a day and Starbucks. This past week I have devoured food like I’ve been starving for months. I can just sit and eat and eat. I don’t even want to get on the scale and see the results of this. Then there was the melt down on the way to the airport. Getting lost is no big deal, being late is no big deal. Friday night I was choking back tears trying to find the detour and it was really out of character for me. I don’t get weepy PMS, this was weird mood swing crying.

So there it is. Nine more days to wait to test.

Oh, I can have 300mg of caffeine a day, a venti mocha is 180mg. Thank God for that!

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