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Starving, among other things.

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I have been up for 7 hours and it’s only 10:34am.

I have a mad craving for tacos but I have a feeling that we will end up getting Chinese today.

I shouldn’t watch Food Network this early in the day. I already got to see a pulled meat taco feast and a fantastic dinner salad with golden beets, herbed steak and fennel. It’s no wonder my stomach is on overdrive right now. The bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch is no longer tiding me over. I need to eat.

Honey just took some Benadryl for his cold and knocked himself out- no amount of tempting with Hot and Sour soup is going to get him up any time soon. I don’t even know if they are open yet. Someone could make a killing if they sold tacos, spring rolls and pirogi from a cart outside of my house. Seriously.

Last night my mom stopped by with Henry and we ordered pizza and watched Nanny McPhee. Anytime a kid comes to my house I manage to convince them this is the movie they want to watch. I LOVE this movie. I pretend it’s for the kids but really, they are too young to fully appreciate Colin Firth, so, anyway.

Speaking of Colin Firth, I had always heard about him in Pride and Prejudice and how dreamy he was in it but I wasn’t a Jane Austen girl and so I’d never seen it. PBS has been showing the complete Jane Austen and I am hooked. I actually got a little miffed when I found out I have to wait until March 23rd for it to come back. PBS. I watched the New York Philharmonic live from North Korea yesterday morning. I’m turning into one of those people.

This is turning into a virtual booya of topics here!

I got my new phone- I think I am the only person who never had an issue with her Razr and I’m hoping to not have issues with my new Krazr. It’s pretty. I like it. I hope I can get the battery cover to stay on. That is not a good start.

Honey just got up and wowed me with this gem- “I feel like a dime and a nickel.”

WTF? He’s more like his grandma than I thought.

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