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We may not live close, or even in the same state. We may not talk every day or every week or even every month. We may only see each other once a year. Good friends are there, no matter where “there” may be.

I remember when I met her. It was in an RHA meeting. Actually, after many RHA meetings where she was lobbying for something that was really pissing me off I met her. I didn’t like her much. She seemed pushy. We bonded over a common crush on Jason Wheeler, khaki pants, Chinese food and wedding magazines. She was going to run for RHA president. I decided I would become her “campaign manager”. We did not win that race. I’m sure her VP switching to the other side mid-race did not help, but what can you do.

We were both star high school journalists enrolled in J-School in mid-Missouri (is there any other kind?). She woke me up with early morning phone calls to break the news about Monica Lewinsky (which we both thought was a crock of shit) and then on 9-11. Both of us dropped J-School and went on to other more intellectual majors- her Philosophy, me Russian Lit.

Almost 12 years later it seems like fate that we became friends. I know her so well and she knows me better than anyone. If there was ever one thing I would wish for in this lifetime it would be to live near her again. That seems almost impossible.

I remember when we got our first apartment together we bought these green plastic chairs at Target- I still have them. Anyway, we were walking out to the car and we were talking about spending Christmas together when we were old and married with kids. What a lovely thought. Every Christmas I think about how nice that would be.

Back then she had names for her kids all picked out- Rosemary and Elijah. I would tease endlessly about how I’d be the best auntie Eli ever had. She’d get this horrified look on her face and exclaim that he would never be called Eli. Well, she’s got a little Helena now, and we just call her Cheeks. She doesn’t mind.

I miss her every day.

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