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Chanel no. 5

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This was the first Christmas gift I got from my husband. A bottle of EDT that I had longed to own. I still have it, mostly unused. Once I got it in my hands it seemed a bit old, stuffy for me. It sits mysteriously in it’s black bottle waiting to be tried again and again.

After much research into fragrance lately- a new obsession, I took it out last night. I sprayed some on and let it all settle in. After about an hour it was lovely. This morning I sprayed it on again, the harsh aldehydes give way to a powdery softness.

I like it.

My go to is Burberry Brit which I am currently out of. Taking it’s place is Burberry London, which I am still warming up to. My evening favorite, Stella lost it’s top somehow and I need to find something to decant this bottle into before it’s evaporated. It’s a surprisingly good scent for me, who is not a lover of roses.

My beloved bottle of Narciso Rodriguez is threatening to run out too soon. I might have to break it up with Chanel. What a conundrum.

Until I bring myself to buy that bottle of Flowerbomb- so sweet, so lovely, so damn expensive, I’ll have to make due with what I’ve got.

That said, I’ve got a new favorite from Bath and Body Works- I hadn’t been in that store in years, but I was lured back with their huge sale and got myself a bottle of Chocolate Amber body wash- so good, I might just get the entire collection, get me to spring and I get my sweet fix dried down to a soft amber. Nice.

Another way to stretch.

I am always in search or a replacement for a bottle of Vetyver I got at Bath and Body Works before we went to Boston on our Honeymoon. I love it and it was discontinued. I can smell that bottle and it brings me right back to Copley Square. Kind of how listening to John Mayer puts me right back into my in laws den. Those are some good memories.

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