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Another break, another blog.

I just did our taxes. In about 22 minutes. Looks like the fed owes us and we owe the state. Why is it that no matter how much we pay the lovely state of Minnesota, it is never enough? The year we lived in Missouri for the first 6 months we paid over twice as much in state taxes for the 2nd half of the year, and we still owed.

And let me tell you, the roads suck in both states.

At least they are done. Seriously, I never put it off this long. Now I don’t have to think about it.

I need to stop now. I have bags to pack and clothes to fold. Never ending clothes to fold. And cat bowls to fill with enormous amounts of food so they don’t think they are going to starve over the weekend. And dinner to cook. Oops, forgot the sweet potatoes. Nails to paint. Dishes to do. It never ends really. Ok, who am I kidding I am searching the internet right now for cleaning services in Winnipeg. I deserve it!

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