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Three Free Samples.

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I am addicted to Sephora.com.

Three little words fuel this addiction. I check the samples daily to see what’s new- if there are three frags I want I buy a $2 nail polish. I know I still pay shipping but once those samples are tossed in I figure I’m ahead. You can’t easily get fragrance samples at the counter anymore and those little cards just don’t tell you a whole lot other than how something smells on paper.

Yesterday I got Burberry London for Men (I love this so much) Flower by Kenzo (again, love) and Dior Addict Shine (haven’t tried it yet).

This morning I jumped on and low and behold my go-to Narciso Rodriguez for Her was listed- I need another to toss in the purse so I added another Kenzo and another Burberry and found myself a $4 cheek stain.

Another thing about Sephora- in your birthday month they send you a free bubble bath (Vanilla Cupcake) that smells so good you want to eat it. I don’t think they sell this scent which is a shame because I’d rather have a tub full of vanilla cupcake scented bubbles than a mouth full of vanilla cupcake.

Kansas City tomorrow! Burnt ends! Live jazz! Hair cut! Shopping on the Plaza! Boulevard! Ryon’s mint infused vodka! Fondue! Easter Brunch! Seven hour drive with four adults and a dog!

Yeah, I’m not looking forward to the last one…

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