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Burnt Ends and Boulevard

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I’ll skip the drive and jump right to the ‘cue- it was good. We ended up going to a place my sister loves, RJ’s, located on in Johnson County Kansas, a little divie for JoCo but whatever. I had my burnt ends which were abundant and satisfying, the cheesy corn was also very very good- thank you TJ for pointing us in that direction!

By the time we got home I was ready to pass out- my sister’s went up the street to Twin City Tavern (KC-K/KCMO, get it?) my husband and I went to bed, I was happy for that as I had a facial the next day and I didn’t need to be hung over.

Saturday morning we are up with the sun, or a rather up way before the sun because parts of our body were starting to hurt that we didn’t know existed. We stumbled down the stairs, made coffee and willed people to get up. No one got up so we started coercing Stanley to jump in bed with them.

Finally we got directions to a Panera to pick up bagels. After breakfast three of us headed to the spa- it was very nice and very relaxing. I was very chatty, I am never chatty at salons. I learned quite a lot- I have dry skin for example- never would have thought.

After the spa we hit the grocery store (BBQ sauce! Rub!) the liquor store (Missouri wine!) the meat market (for fondue stuff) the kitchen store to pick up a pie (lemon meringue) and then back to the house to pick up my husband and my other sister to head back to the salon for haircuts round two. After that we went to the Plaza to shop for fragrance.

This was at times the best and at times the worst experience I have ever had shopping. I had a fantastic woman helping me, I found a fragrance I liked but decided to wear it around while we hit up shoes and picked up some Christopher Elbow chocolates. When I came back I was accosted by this woman, I’ll call her “Gypsy Fortune Teller” and I was unable to come up with a believable excuse or an easy out until I could find the woman who had helped me before. By the time GFT had tried to sell me the most expensive bottles in the line the good one finally came out of the back. I didn’t know what to do. She asked if I wanted a run down of the line again, I said yes, GFT kept poaching away at the sale, I didn’t know what to do. Finally I realised there was no way out of this, GFT was going to get the sale and the good one, classy all the way was going to hand her the box to ring it up. I was fuming on my way to the car, I wish I had the ability to just say- “She was helping me!”

Anyways, I got a nice bottle that I really love- Delices de Cartier- never would have looked at it if the good one hadn’t asked me what I liked and what I didn’t and pointed me to it. Oh good one, if i only knew your name…

So after we got home (it’s getting late) we jump full force into fondue prep- this is tricky, sauces and appies and oil, what to do first? We finally get it all on the table after 9. We dunk and eat and talk and drink. Then we play Wii. Then I fall asleep on the couch. Back to the bed of doom.

I sleep in much later today, made it almost until 9am. We make breakfast- stuffed french toast, brown sugar bacon (aka meat candy) mimosa’s, fruit. It was really, really good. Then we took some family pics- with an actually tripod- on the front steps.

I’ll skip the drive home as well. The leftover burnt ends when we got unpacked were a delicious way to end the night before we collapsed into a bed that did not try to kill us.

It was fun, but it is good to be home.

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