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4-Legged Bath Time.

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The other day we were discussing how the last time the cats had baths was years ago- before we were married and that they may need to go to the groomers. Why waste money on groomers when we can do it ourselves? I picked up some 2 in 1 shampoo and worked up the courage to wrangle those rascals into the tub.

Audrey went first. She’s fairly tame in the tub. Sure, she cries, but once in the water she’ll sit there and take whatever scrubbing and rinsing comes her way. She looks like a little rat when she gets out. A very pissed little rat. One down.

Stanley went next- we wanted to prolong the inevitable as long as possible and now that we have a routine down with Stan he goes pretty smooth. Let him stand up, keep his head dry and he’s fine. He gets an extra dose of fancy conditioner on top of the 2 in 1. Two down.

Henry is next. Henry has a super-feline ability to latch onto ANYTHING with his claws. Tile, drywall, bathroom sinks, you name it. If there is a shower curtain present, say goodbye, it will be shredded. Not today. I was going to overcome his strength and get him cleaned up. Henry is a beautiful beige but gets shades lighter after a good cleaning. He also loses about 2 pounds with all the excess fur gone. I was going to make this happen, and it was going to happen today.

I got him into the bathroom and he began to squirm. I grabbed him by the neck and lowered him into the water (about 3″ deep) he got away and I grabbed him again and this time I ignored the howling and rubbed him down until he was soaked. I was calling for my husband the entire time, worried the police would be called because of the terrible sounds coming from our house. Stanley started to bark in the next room. I finally got him lathered up and started to rinse. This wasn’t so bad after all. The entire process took about 5 minutes, he wouldn’t let me squeeze the excess water off so he soaked through his towel pretty quickly. We set him on the floor to shake and he just sat there, then backed his ass right out the door and ran to hide under the bed.

So I guess we’re good for another 5 years then.

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