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Good Willed.

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So, after cleaning out my closet- I have 2 gigantic Ziplock bags filled to the brim with clothes. My husband also has two well filled bags, although his closet doesn’t look any less full- might need to look into that issue. I haven’t gotten nearly as much done as I had hoped, but my bedroom, formerly the keeper of dust bunnies the size of, well, bunnies, is clean. Sparklingly so. I even washed the walls.

One room down.

My husband has been shredding all weekend. We have this laundry basket in a closet that we just throw the shredables into on a weekly basis (shredding each day is just too much) well, it’s barely got a dent in it. I think getting myself off of every credit card companies mailing list will help this dramatically, I’ve noticed a huge drop in solicitations as of late. This doesn’t help the current problem at hand, hours of shredding to go.

So, one room immaculate- the remaining rooms look like a disaster area. Once the donation stuff goes out and the “garbage” is taken to the curb it will look much more manageable, but it’s a start. We even had the windows open yesterday. It was beautiful. took our first long walk with Stanley and then later down to get coffee at Taracinno. Wonderful day.

It always looks worse before it looks better, right?

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