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Is this the beginning?

Posted: April 5th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Pregnancy | No Comments »

It seems I have a bit of a stomach virus.

After losing 5 pounds in 12 hours (you guess) I called the nurse line for our insurance. After an over the phone triage she said I only had to worry about dehydration, explained the BRAT diet and told me to call my doctor.

I called my doctor and talked to the nurse there. She explained the BRAT diet and told me to take a Dramamine, or half a Unisom, half a Benadryl or B6. And keep hydrated for gods sake. And call back if it doesn’t improve in the next 12 hours.

Mr. Wonderful stayed home from work and ran to the store more times than I can count but we got it under control. By dinner I was ready for more than applesauce and had Egg Drop Soup.

Wow. I went from no worries to high maintenance in mere hours. That was not in my plan. I kept apologizing to the nurse at my office.

Seriously, if morning sickness is anything like what I experienced Thursday and Friday I will be requesting the anti-nausea meds. As soon as possible. Please.


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