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Please, let me sleep.

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I’ve been really happy with my ability to get up before 6:00pm since the time change. First it was 4:00pm, now we’ve been down to 2:30pm or so. Today I was wide awake at 12:30pm. I slept about four and a half freakin’ hours.

I need to sleep.

There is nothing cozier than my bed during the day. Blankets, body pillow, Stanley, Audrey and Henry all snuggled in. It’s delightful. Until I wake up. It’s not like waking up during the night where it’s dark. It’s bright, so I can’t just grab a glass of water or hit the bathroom and head back to bed. I’m up.

This is fine until about 4am when I can barely keep my eyes open. Monday morning I seriously contemplated pulling over about halfway home and taking a nap in a parking lot. It’s a 17 mile drive and traffic wasn’t even that bad.

I need to get this under control. I’ve never been one to sleep all day but I think 6 hours is the bare minimum to function and not fall asleep writing emails before I leave work.

That said, I have been much better about weekends- no more 2 am wake ups, I sleep like a normal person!

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