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I’m Not a Pregnancy Viking.

Posted: April 23rd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Pregnancy | No Comments »

I am a pregnancy wimp.

I could handle throwing up, if it made me feel better. It doesn’t. It makes me feel wobbly and lightheaded and just as sick as before, with less in my stomach.

I am trying to handle the nausea as well as I can. So far so good. The last few hours of my work day are the worst, I get a constant urge to burp and hiccup which makes me think every breath is going to be the end of my clean red shirt. TMI, I know. Sorry.

I still have a constant sour taste in my mouth. Milk is out. All pop is out. Juice is out and I cannot stomach still water for the life of me, so that is out too.

Enter Club Soda. Refreshing, crisp, tasteless. It’s my new go-to for hydration.

I’ve heard all the go-to treatments for morning sickness. I swear, by the time I’ve chewed the Saltines I’m too gaggy to swallow that gluey mess. Everyone is different I guess. Gingersnaps, Ginger ale, Ginger Candy, Ginger Tea- no, no, no and no.

Chocolate cake and Club Soda. And soup. Creamy hearty soups. It’s something!

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