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Silver Bullet

Posted: April 25th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Pregnancy | 1 Comment »

I had my first appointment today!

My Mom came with and my Midwife was really excited. Everything looks good, we were one day off with the EDD but I can live with that, I don’t expect to deliver then anyway.

When I asked if she was going to give me drugs my Midwife said, yes, you’ll get a silver bullet, to bite down on- and we don’t shave our legs either. This is why I love her, she can joke about how she may be perceived as a Midwife. She’s no hippy.

I also got a prescription for Zofran. And an appointment with an acupuncturist. So far the Zofran and Sea Bands seem to be working. I kind of want to hoard them though- I only got 10 and NO REFILLS! Save them for the bad days I guess.

Next appointment we’ll get a heartbeat- that will be exciting. No Ultra Sound until week 20, I can live with that. I may have to visit my Mom when she’s not busy at work and see if I can get a little US action on the side if I want a peek further down the line…

Have I talked about Henry-Simon? He’s our cat, the most skittish cat in the world. You touch him, he runs for the hills. He has been the biggest lap baby this past week. He just sits on me. All day. I think he knows somethings up. Stanley doesn’t come out of the bedroom until Honey gets home from work and Audrey, well, aloof IS her middle name. It’s so cozy having a fat cat just lay on you and purr when you feel like crap.

So anyway, it looks like things might go a little better with these developments on the anti-nausea front. Here’s hoping anyway!

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One Comment on “Silver Bullet”

  1. 1 Mary Ellen said at 8:20 am on April 30th, 2008:

    I love the midwives!!

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