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Benihana Birthday Bash.

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Mention Benihana to anyone and you are probably going to hear some variation on this sentence- “I could drink their Shrimp Sauce for breakfast it’s so good!”

Well, I don’t agree. I’m not a fan of mayo and a mayo based sauce on my fried rice- like everyone at my table used it for kind of makes me want to barf. And I could have. Actually, thanks to the Zofran, I was feeling REALLY good last night. Today, not so good. But last night I had a delicious meal, sans Shrimp Sauce.

It was my Mom’s birthday. It seemed like every table in the place was having a birthday. I don’t go to many restaurants where singing Happy Birthday is a big loud thumping mess, but here it was happening like every 5 minutes. I suppose it’s a birthday type place to go. We kept our happy occasion under wraps and enjoyed our meal in relative quiet. The best was the guy in the table kitty corner from us who stood up and clapped in time whenever they started to sing, like it was his job or something. Finally they went to his table and his girlfriend was MORTIFIED. I guess if you date the clapper you know what you’re getting into.

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