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13 Days Off!

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That’s right, FINALLY a vacation!

I practically ran to my car this morning after work and was giddy with excitement over our trek out west. Well, not the trek itself. 17 hours in a car isn’t any fun, but the destination, well, I’m excited.

The youngest of the siblings is graduating from college- I can’t believe it but it’s true. This kid couldn’t even drive when I first met him. Now he’s all grown up. Crazy.

So it will be a family reunion of sorts- we haven’t seen most of these people since our wedding and I’ve only met some of them once. It’s gonna be fun. My BIL thinks I’m going to be the designated driver all week– I’m an old married woman now, with a kid brewing no less, let me stay home and rest with the other women!

I’m not packed, last time we went to Montana I forgot all my pants, they were all neatly folded on the bed when I got home. Can’t forget the pants. We’re going to board Stanley. That makes me sad. He hates it but it’s the only option. He has a major melt-down and doesn’t eat while we are gone. I might ask if they can give him some anti-anxiety meds or something, just so he doesn’t come back to us three pounds lighter.

We are going to go stroller shopping with my MIL, I’m excited for that. Honey has a good idea of what he wants and I think we found one we both really like, but we’ll see- Go-Go Babyz Urban Advantage. I’m not into matching all my gear and it doesn’t need to scream Boy! or Girl! so that makes things a bit easier.

I need to hit the sack- my first acupuncture appointment is at 3 and I need to get some rest before I head across town. I’m very excited for this, always wanted to try it and never had a reason. Hopefully it clears up the morning sickness. That would be nice. If it works it might become my new addiction, like my addiction to the chiropractor. I love that place, hook me up to the electric thingamajig and throw me on that roller bed and I’m in heaven.

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