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Are We Excited Yet?

Posted: May 18th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Pregnancy | 3 Comments »

I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now- even if one of the Great Grandpa’s to be doesn’t quite get it yet, it should be obvious by December. I hope.

People are excited.

I wore my first maternity pants today. More because I needed something cute that was clean, less because I needed them. They were damn cute though. I look forward to that comfy panel.

I am over this whole nausea/ vomiting thing. Seriously. I don’t care how “healthy” this makes it seem. My throat is raw and I am back to square one with the figuring out what I can eat problem. Zofran might as well be sugar pills with the good they are doing.

I know, I should be thankful for what I have. I really just want to curl up on the couch and cry all day. Which I do, minus the crying part. This really sucks.

Tomorrow I have another acupuncture appointment. Hopefully this works having 2 close together. I’m banking on it as I have 7 precious pills left. that’s a little dramatic actually. I can call and get more if needed and I see my midwife on Friday so I’m sure she’ll have something to give a bit of relief.

We have our first Doppler Friday, then we’ll head over to the hospital for an ultra sound on the DL. Not that there is much to see at 11 weeks, but it’ll be fun.

I’m feeling a bit guilty. I called in tonight. I needed to, I can barely stand up and until I tossed my cookies moments ago I was in agony. I still feel guilty. I hate being that girl. I don’t want a built in excuse, I want to be strong and healthy and not missing things. Not sitting on a couch with a bucket.

I seriously have the best husband in the world though. He caters to my every whim and although I try and be reasonable, I can’t help but think maybe, just maybe, I’m a little over the top.

We’ve started reading the Dr. Sears book on babies. Attachment parenting and all that entails. We’re no co-sleepers (already have Stanley in bed) but the rest sounds good. We’ll see. I have a feeling once the kid actually gets here it’s pretty much go with the flow and see what feels right.

I’m going to go see if the couch feels better now, and try and get some sleep.

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3 Comments on “Are We Excited Yet?”

  1. 1 Mr. Wonderful said at 10:29 am on May 19th, 2008:

    I am pretty amazing

  2. 2 Erin said at 1:16 pm on May 19th, 2008:

    And humble.

  3. 3 Mr. Wonderful said at 1:37 pm on May 19th, 2008:

    you also forgot to mention really really good looking

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