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We have a couple of Rubbermaid drawers we keep our tools in. I use the term “keep” loosely here as whenever we actually need a tool, usually a screwdriver, we spend an hour hunting around the 5 rooms we live in looking for one. Who knows where they are.

In the junk drawer? Seems like a good place, but no.

In the drawer with Stanley’s shirts and sweaters in it? Good chance it’s there, yes. I’m not sure why tools end up in there, I mean, it’s like throwing them into the sock drawer when you are done with it.

We have such a nice system set up for this sort of thing, I don’t understand why they are never where they should be. and it’s not like we only have one screwdriver, we have many, many tools. Like if we can’t find one, there should be at least one spare in there. Nope, all that is left in the “Tool Drawers” are scrap pieces of sand paper that smell like wood stain and miscellaneous nails and screws. Oh, and many hardened bottles of wood glue that we will never, ever use.

It took an hour to install the A/C today because we couldn’t find a screwdriver. 5minutes of actual installation after the fact. Do you think the tools will somehow find their way to their drawers anytime soon? Neither do I.

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