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Holding my breath.

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I think the worst may be over. I say that very quietly, in case I wake the nausea gods and they become angered…I’ve had almost an entire week of “good” days. Only a few Zofran have been taken and those were mostly “just in case”.

I attended a 4 year olds birthday party at Space Aliens tonight- I have to say, much better than Chuck E Cheese- I ordered Potato Skins, Broccoli Cheese soup and a 10″ BBQ Pizza. Hungry much? I was famished, hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast. I ended up taking the entire pizza home. At least I can eat!

In other news, today I took the first step in getting Stanley out of our bed. I got him his very own bed, a very cuddly dog bed that so far he has taken a liking to. Cross your fingers we can stick to the plan and keep him down there, on the floor, where I know he belongs. Seriously, last time he had a bed I would lay awake at night, arm stretched out rubbing his belly I felt so bad making him sleep down there. It will be my fault if this fails. I don’t expect this to happen in one night, but hopefully he’ll get the idea and go with it.

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