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Can someone clean my house?

Posted: June 8th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Before We had Kids! | 2 Comments »


After about 8 weeks of non-stop nausea this place is looking rough. Today is the first attempt at order.

I have a dead plant in the corner that has shed all of it’s leaves, in a pile, on the floor.

I have a bowl of candy filled with the wrappers of Wint-O-Green lifesavers on our hutch, which also has the contents of my glove box on it. Not really sure why that stuff is there.

Luggage from our trip over a month ago is still sitting in the dining room, not entirely unpacked.

Bags from every shopping trip and stack of mail are piled high on the table. Take out menus litter the coffee table.

Everything needs to be swept, dusted or vacuumed.

Baskets of clean clothes (five of them) wait to be folded and/or put away.

You cannot see the top of the computer desk or find the printer under all of the clutter that has just been piled on- cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto anyone?

It’s all gotta go.

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2 Comments on “Can someone clean my house?”

  1. 1 Mary Ellen said at 5:43 pm on June 17th, 2008:

    Oooh. I love wintergreen lifesavers. I hate the spearmint kind. Gross! If you lived closer, I'd come over and clean out the candy bowl.

  2. 2 Miss Erin said at 8:12 pm on June 19th, 2008:

    My husband has cleared out the good ones, hence the wrappers left inthe bowl. All that are left are the Orange and Sweet Mint…not sure why I even got those.

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