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Meal Prep.

Posted: June 19th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Food | 1 Comment »

Tonight my mom and I went one of those meal prep places- I am super excited about this. It was fast, easy and I didn’t have to clean anything up!

I want to register for this on my baby registry. Almost more than I want to register for infant sized Missouri Tiger’s jerseys!

I seriously haven’t cooked ANYTHING in two months- unless you consider heating up hotdogs cooking. Now I have a freezer full of good stuff and I plan to go back in a few weeks. It really works out perfectly for me right now, I have no energy to stand in the kitchen or think about cooking, or shopping for that matter. Now I can just thaw it out and cook it. No planning needed.

After I finished up I ran over to Trader Joe’s- two food related things in a row, I must be feeling better.

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