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16 weeks, almost.

Posted: June 20th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Twins | 1 Comment »

16 week appointment today!

First off, I was late, had to call and say I was in traffic. I was able to fit in pretty quickly though, get in, get out. It’s not a long appointment, just questions and a little doppler action.

Still no weight gain- exactly the same as my last appointment. Because of this I get another appointment in two weeks, just to see if there has been any progress. My uterus, in other news is now up around my belly button. This must be good. Two heartbeats, one is faster than the other this time around. So far they are sticking to their respective sides which makes it a lot easier to find those heartbeats let me tell you.

I also got to meet with the business office to discuss just how much these two are going to cost to journey out of me. Much less shocking than I thought it would be. I’m very glad we changed up insurance a bit and they’ll foot 90% of the bill, good planning on our part. Also, twins might mean double the diapers, but it does not double the price. At least not in this case. Good news!

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One Comment on “16 weeks, almost.”

  1. 1 Mary Ellen said at 5:25 pm on June 24th, 2008:

    One of my midwives had a theory about heartbeats — supposedly boys (or girls, I can’t remember which…) have slightly faster heartbeats in utero? Hmm. Something for you to obsessively Google…

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