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I had such a good day yesterday.

Got up, didn’t feel the best but didn’t feel the worst either.

Stopped at Bob’s Produce Ranch to get fresh donuts to bring to the Garage sale at my Grandpa’s house. This is the last day we are doing this garage sale. Seriously, we did it three days last year and now three days this year. This is the end. Whatever is left is being donated. DONE.

Packed up a bunch of stuff for donation and headed home to take a break before we went to my Mom’s for dinner and a bonfire. Fell asleep on her couch, woke up to a little Wii action and joined in the fun. My Mii is very librarian like I’ve decided, I need to change her up a bit when I go back. Can’t have a nerdy Mii.

Burned a bunch of brush and baked campfire pies. Decided we’ll go up north for the 4th. I’m pretty excited about this. Hadn’t really thought about it and since I’m off and Honey is off, why not. Stanley will have his first camping adventure. Might be scary, might be fun. Might have to leave in the middle of the night if he won’t stop crying. We’ll see.

Mom, Sis and I sat around the fire and talked while Honey slept on the couch- seriously, get yourself a Flex-Steel couch, it just begs to be slept on. Headed home just as it was getting dark and stopped at White Castle for some late night treats.

Collapsed in bed, exhausted…slept until noon on Sunday.

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