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Let me eat!

Posted: July 12th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Pregnancy | No Comments »

I am starving. I am so hungry I feel like I could eat and drink for the next two hours and not be full.

Reality check: I am starving but I can eat half a bowl of soup and some waffle fries and call it a day. Half a bowl.

Message to my stomach- you are eating for three down there, loosen up and let it in. It is good to eat, you want food. Believe me- I cannot survive on what these little babies leave behind. I need energy!

What have I eaten today?
-a few bites of the delicious breakfast Mr. Wonderful prepared this morning
-1 plum
-2 glasses of limeade
-Annie’s version of ez mac with organic cheddar
-waffle fries and half a bowl of cheddar ale soup

Surely I can eat more than this!

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