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Today we had our Level II and it was shocking to say the least. Shocking to me anyway, my Mom has been convinced they are identical from day one. We also found out they are Monochorionic- they share a placenta. This can cause some problems (TTTS) but so far things look good. All we can really do is monitor their growth and hope things stay on course. I’ll be BFF with the Perinatologist by the end of this I’m sure- every two weeks is a lot of face time.

I think the little one most excited by this increase in ultrasounds has got to be Baby B- better known as Little Yzerman- this one was poking around into every picture whereas Baby A aka Gordie Howe covered it’s face ala Britney spears running from the paparazzi. Baby B is going to get lots of pictures in the following weeks.

They are still one week ahead and 4 days ahead just like they were at 13 weeks, so that was good. Their measurements were all within range so nothing too concerning there. Just that pesky shared placenta- the one thing you don’t want to share, go figure! They were both laying transverse today, they move around a lot though, lots of kicking, rolling over. I still think it’s strange I can’t feel any of it. I suppose they are only 13 and 11 ounces, but really, I feel it when I eat a burrito and I can’t feel this?

Here are a few shots from the hour long appointment, there are a few more of Baby B but I have no idea what they are supposed to be so I’ll just leave them off.

Baby A Face

Baby A Profile

Baby A Lower Leg

Baby B Face

Baby B Profile

Baby B Foot

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  1. 1 mrs.leah.maria said at 7:29 pm on July 21st, 2008:

    I was able to read this on the way home from the cabin this weekend! Congrats on knowing they’re identical . . . good luck on getting over your freaky feelings! JK 🙂

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