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I got a letter in the mail the other day congratulating me on my graduation.

Um, excuse me? Last I heard I still had two classes before that letter was to arrive…

I ordered an official transcript to see just which BA I was being awarded and crossed my fingers that this wasn’t a fluke- I would save myself a few thousand dollars and finally (FINALLY!!!) get my degree.

Today the transcript came and low and behold, I am the proud owner of a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (History and Russian).

It is such a non event at this point but at the same time, so overwhelmingly good. When I left the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2001 after walking graduation with the intentions of finishing that summer I never expected to get engaged three months later and let the elusive degree fall by the wayside for this long.

The funny thing is, the same advisor that told me to take a class that resulted in me not graduating because it ended up not counting towards my degree is the same advisor that told me I had two more classes to take and it is also he who now informs me that I have graduated before taking those classes…should I thank him for saving me from taking an unneeded Statistics class and a second Senior project or for messing it up so I didn’t graduate in the first place?

It doesn’t even matter.

By the numbers:

4 Semesters Pre-Journalism -Thank you goes to Karen Dest (Lake Arrowhead California…) who treated each class like a press conference and ultimately made me realise I didn’t have the patience to compete with a bunch of broadcast majors for the next 3 years

6 Semesters Russian Area Studies -Thank you goes to everyone who put up with my very round about and misguided interpretations of every Russian classic we ever read. And also to the kid who would wake me up in the comfy chairs at Ellis so I didn’t miss class every day

2 Semesters Interdisciplinary Studies -Thank you goes to the University of Missouri-Columbia for having this degree so that I didn’t have to read War and Peace in Russian yet am still able to have my many (many) upper level Russian classes count towards something

2 days until MU hands the Illini their asses in the first game of the season…footall is back, we all know what that means!

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