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Three games and no post?

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What has happened?

I guess it doesn’t help that our games have been Pay-Per-View (WTF?) I think next week we get some coverage, just in time for conference play.

So, quick recap:

We beat Illinois- ESPN is so in love with the Big 10 they barely notice when the team they are waxing poetic about is losing nearly the entire game. I thought maybe after last year we’d get a little recognition, but it’s not meant to be

We beat SEMO- not even going to go here

We beat Nevada- I stayed home during this game, felt like crap and wasn’t about to go sit with alumni while the kids were making me miserable. It was an ass kicking that is for sure

So, 3-0, good start.

I have delayed buying the babies their MU coming home outfits because I fear they will be too small with their rapid growth as of late. I guess I could just get the next size up but I don’t want them to be drowning in them if they aren’t gigantic like everyone thinks they are going to be. We’ll see. I can’t wait to have our two little Tiger’s out to watch games with us!

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