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Gigantic, but good.

Posted: October 17th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Pregnancy | 4 Comments »

Holding steady here at 1cm- that is fantastic. Most likely this is because they are up so high there is no pressure. Neither of them seem to have any interest in moving down from my ribcage. I keep telling them there is some good real estate down there they might want to check out but they are staying put. Soon enough I suppose. If we happen to go into labor in the next 10 days they will stop it, once we pass the 34 week thresh hold they will not.

Babies look good, passed all their tests today. Baby B is back to it’s preferred head down position. Baby A did much better on the monitor today, Baby B got halfway through and decided to take a nap. Baby B cannot be bothered by such things apparently. They are both in the 5 pound range right now, 60th and 66th percentile.

I am trying to not buy any more maternity clothes- I mean really, how many weeks do I really have left? Not many. That said, I measure full term easily and I need to get some new maternity clothes. I’d rather buy baby stuff though, which I did today! They have coming home outfits! Well, they will, soon. My OB confirmed they would be safely in the 6-7 pound range so I bit the bullet and ordered their first MU Tigers gear.

I also ordered some onesies from a shop on etsy.com that are super cute. I know, I should buy something like a breast pump, but I’m feeling pretty good today and wanted to get something fun. And half the sales go to the Nie Recovery Fund, so it’s a good cause to boot.

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4 Comments on “Gigantic, but good.”

  1. 1 mrs.leah.maria said at 3:26 pm on October 17th, 2008:

    So good to hear that baby b changed his mind!

    Soon enough you’ll have to buy a breast pump, I fully support your fun purchases!

  2. 2 Mary Ellen said at 4:41 pm on October 18th, 2008:

    More unasked-for advice…
    Rent a breast pump for the first few weeks. Sometimes hospitals have them, otherwise you can get them from your local lactation center…
    I can’t believe you big they are!!
    Pondering what that must mean for your current size 😉

  3. 3 Erin said at 4:33 pm on October 19th, 2008:

    Well, luckily I’ve only gained 15 pounds- all out front, all baby. Of course, things like rolling over in bed take a major effort now. I think my belly is trying to betray me by refusing to move when the rest of my body does.

  4. 4 CharleyJax said at 9:22 pm on October 19th, 2008:

    Wow! 10 days (or more)?!?!
    I remember that I ended up buying one last pair of maternity pants in the last two weeks– but that is what I lived in, so… Nothing else fit anymore!
    Post on the MOMs board asking for a breast pump, if you’re comfortable using a used one… I bet lots of MOMs would be happy to sell you theirs. I just sold mine at the last sale. And I had to buy it AT the hospital because they couldn’t figure it out at first, so I’d advise trying to get that before they arrive, just in case!

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