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Oh Babies…

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Today I took my mom with me to my appointment- I figured it would be nice to have someone there who knew what was going on- just in case SOMETHING was going on.

First off, neither of them wanted to practice breathing during the BPP. Oh sure, Baby A gave a few huffs and puffs but Baby B was too busy showing us that yes- s/he has fingers and can wave it’s hand around. Cute, but that’s not on the test! Practice your BREATHING, then we can get out of here.

On to the NST, which was a mess from the get go. While in the BPP they had me drink a juice box to see if that would get the two moving. Well, it worked a little too well just minutes down the road because we couldn’t keep them both on the monitors for 3 minutes- let alone long enough to get what they really wanted to see. Seriously, two nurses and my mom were chasing those heartbeats around, finally my OB said they looked fine, were moving great and he had enough of what he wanted to see so we stopped.

Next I get to sit down with my OB, have him check the engine etc. Things are stalled pretty much where they were on Saturday- almost 2cm, Baby A’s head bouncing up and down, not engaged. Fluid levels are again increased so my OB called the Perinatologist just to see what they thought. They couldn’t believe that I hadn’t delivered yet with the fluid levels I have. So, Monday morning I’ll go in for them to have a looksee and probably a “top off” amnio to see if that brings Baby A down and puts me into labor. Of course this willonly happen if I don’t deliver over the weekend, which is entirely possible according to everyone.

So, that’s where we sit- ANY. DAY. NOW!

I’d better figure out what is going into my bag, other than my iPod.

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