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The four days that changed our world.

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For weeks we had been waiting for something- anything to happen.

If you’ve read this blog or know me, you know this pregnancy has been one horrible experience after another. Of course, with the exception of finding out we had two instead of one, that my friends was pretty awesome.

Week after week I toughed it out at work, willing myself to walk through those doors and get through it as long as I could even though I spent from week 6 through week 33 pretty much on the couch off my feet every minute I wasn’t there. That’s a pretty good chunk of time considering I was never officially put on bed rest.

First came the Hyperemesis, horrible nausea and vomiting- it never left.

Then, the discovery of twins at 13 weeks, this was actually a stunning surprise.

At 18 weeks we were informed we had Monochorionic/ Diamniotic twins- a shared placenta and all the stress that comes with that, hoping we never had to deal with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Thankfully, other than the stress we were in the clear and they shared that placenta like champs.

At 33 weeks they officially declared I had Polyhydramnios- extra fluid. Not only did I have 2 babies, but judging from they geyser that erupted during their delivery, at least 3 liters of fluid.

At the end of 34 weeks I developed PUPPPs, a nasty rash that spreads and spreads and doesn’t go away until after delivery, 13 days later it still has not gone away. This is found more often in multiple pregnancies, first pregnancies and in women carrying boys…3 strikes?

At my 35 week appointment, after months and months of swearing I was going to have a vaginal delivery I started to review my options.  No one thought I would make it to 30 weeks to begin with, let alone never be on bedrest.  I had a transverse baby B who had never been vertex the entire pregnancy.  After 30+ weeks of constant nausea and vomiting on top of the Poly and PUPPPs, my OB let me say uncle.

The rash, oddly enough was the thing that put me in the mercy zone.  So we scheduled a C-section for November 13th at 1:30pm, 36 weeks, 2 days. My Midwife was going to be with us that day at the hospital and my favorite OB was going to be doing the surgery.  It felt really good to have a date set, not to have to worry that an OB or midwife that would attempt an external version on a baby B would be on call when I went into labor.  No worrying that the cord would come first if my water broke. No worrying that I would end up with a vaginal birth *and* and emergency C-Section.  I really wanted to avoid an emergency C-Section.  After all of the appointments where I was assured I wouldn’t go past 36 weeks and probably much earlier and ohmigosh you are doing so well considering how much this all sucks you should be proud blah blah blah…we had a date.

On Monday I couldn’t walk. I don’t know if Baby A just decided now was a good time to set up shop in my pelvis or what, but even with help I couldn’t put weight on my legs. Fantastic.

Tuesday I had my last appointment, John had to stay home to take me because, well, I couldn’t really walk. We went over what would be happening on Thursday and had one last NST, then we went home and I got back on the couch.

Early Wednesday morning I lost my plug which could mean I would go into labor soon, it could mean nothing at all. I’d been walking around dilated to three for awhile and with a head obviously engaged at this point I thought maybe this was the beginning of the end, but we had Thursday already scheduled and surely nothing would happen before then. Right?


By mid morning I was having fairly regular contractions. I had been having contractions for months but nothing that ever amounted to anything, nothing that held to any sort of pattern or got stronger or any of the things that you are supposed to look for to indicate in big flashing lights: this is labor get thee to a hospital!

I tried to go about my day like nothing was happening. I called my OB just to give an update and ask what he thought. I was told to keep an eye on the contractions, call if anything changed and given the name of the on call OB for the night, just in case.

At 4pm I had a cup of cocoa and sat on the couch trying to stop the contractions. Laying on my left side. Laying on my right side. Drinking water. Nothing. I called my Mom and asked what she thought. She told me to call the OB. I called John and let him know what was going on. I told him to stick with the plan and pick up dinner- it was after all supposed to be our last dinner before the babies and I sure as hell wasn’t going to cook. Not tonight.

Around 6pm I called the on-call OB and asked her what she thought. She said I was probably in labor and get thee to the hospital!

But, dear doctor, I have a C-section scheduled for tomorrow!

Go to the hospital. And, by the way, you may want to reconsider the C-section just in case things look good for you to labor…

Fantastic. I had been all pumped to labor these two but now I just wanted them OUT. I tried to wrap my head around that as I called John and cancelled dinner and tried to repack my hospital bag with all of the laboring stuff I had removed just days earlier.

The 15 minute drive to the hospital was strange. I remember someone trying to get us to give them directions at a stoplight and I couldn’t find the window button in my frazzled state. I remember having to park way the hell up in the parking ramp and walking very slowly through the hospital to the elevators and finally getting to the MAC where I was happy to be seen for something other than dehydration.

They set us up in a room and started monitoring the babies- contractions were regular and strong. I was only dilated to 4 so it would probably be a long labor. I hoped the OB would go for the C-section because I really didn’t think I was mentally in a place where I could labor. The nurses consulted with her and after going over everything I ate that day a C-section was scheduled for 10pm. The next two hours did not go fast.

I had an IV put in and had anesthesiologists and their helpers swarming around me, justifying that rate of anesthesiologist assistant salary 2017, getting everything ready to go. Finally the OB showed up and we started our walk to the surgical suite. I’m not sure why they have you walk, but it’s kind of a weird, like death row but with a better outcome.

Next came the spinal. Now when they explained to me how the spinal thing works they mentioned that although most people can feel from their nipple line and up, sometimes the anesthesia does go up higher. For me it went up higher. Much higher. I couldn’t really speak and I couldn’t swallow. I was kind of in this sleepy and I feel like I’m drowning place. I could spit after awhile and that helped, but I was a bit preoccupied with the whole I have fluid sitting in my throat what should I do thing to pay much attention to fact that I had babies coming out of me.

When they made the first cut I felt immediate relief, so much pressure was released. I remember John saying “That’s my son!” when they took the first one out and after that he was gone. I don’t remember saying anything. My Mom stayed with me while John went to the babies, he eventually left when they took Wyatt to Special Care. I remember them showing me babies and thinking this is so strange, but again, I was preoccupied with the I can’t swallow, I can’t talk thing. That eventually passed and by the time I got to the recovery room I was fine. Except by then I was nauseous and throwing up. I wasn’t too worried about that though, I kind of expected that.

Throughout the surgery I didn’t itch but as soon as the anesthesia started the wear off I itched like crazy. My face was itching, I had to remove the oxygen thing from my nose because I thought I was going to go nuts. Apparently after a spinal your face itches- no one told me that. Eventually that too went away.

At some point, not sure what time, they brought Lincoln to my recovery room. I was very worried my babies wouldn’t be cute. I didn’t have to worry, they are gorgeous. I spent a little time with Lincoln before they wheeled me in my bed up to Special Care to see Wyatt. He was sent there because he was 200 grams shy of the weight needed to stay in the regular newborn nursery. He was monitored to make sure his glucose levels were high enough and he had frequent feedings. Around 3am they took him out of Special Care and he was back with his brother.

By the time I woke up later that morning they had sent him back up to Special Care since he was putting out too much energy maintaining his temperature and they wanted to keep a closer eye on him. I think he spent just over 24 hours in Special Care, no oxygen, no feeding tubes, no IVs, just frequent feedings and an isolette. Pretty good considering he just cleared 5 pounds at birth.

The next few days are a whirlwind of visitors, doctors, nurses, walks in the hallway, all the normal postpartum stuff. I also had the added bonus of a blood transfusion on Friday- that was fun. I know my issues with iron and I wasn’t going to see if things improved on their own so when they offered it, I jumped at the chance. On Sunday after much waiting around for an official discharge, first for me, then for the boys, we were sent home. This almost didn’t happen as Lincoln’s bilirubin levels spiked and they *almost* kept him. Instead they wrote up an order to bring him in to have it checked the next day and sent us on our way.

So there we were, the four of us and all our stuff with no place to go but home. What a strange thing. After all of that, they just give you a baby, or, in my case, two babies. And they send you home.

I can’t be disappointed in how things panned out. I know ideally I would have like to be a little more with it during the C-section but that couldn’t have been helped. When we went to the hospital on Wednesday I kept saying “Why can’t they stick to the plan?” and felt that this too was one more thing that was going wrong in the pregnancy. My midwife pointed out that it was the one thing that went right- they were coming on their own, spontaneous labor, that was what we wanted! She was right. It was perfect.

Of course other than the itching, most of the bad stuff is erased from my mind. I can eat! I can drink! I can walk fully upright and roll over in bed! It’s true what they say about amnesia after you give birth, I was afraid everything leading up to that moment would eclipse the fact that I have two beautiful babies, but it didn’t. Would I want to do it again if it was the same? Not on your life- it was horrible, but what are the chances of that happening?

So now we’ll just enjoy the boys- I have two boys! And yes, they do look exactly alike, as soon as Wyatt puts on a little more weight it will be very difficult to tell them apart. Actually, it’s difficult now, we still haven’t taken off their ankle bands- just in case we mix them up.

This is the boys in the belly cast we made two weeks before they were born. Lincoln does not appreciate the fact that Wyatt is sucking on his forehead- that kid will try to nurse ANYTHING!

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4 Comments on “The four days that changed our world.”

  1. 1 Mary Ellen said at 2:30 pm on November 25th, 2008:

    Ack, I forget to check in for a few days or so… and I miss everything!! The boys are BEAUTIFUL. I love seeing their little cuddly bodies. What a joy it must be to have them here — and being able to walk and eat again and all that other stuff…

  2. 2 Happy Birthday Lincoln and Wyatt! | The Slacker Mom said at 1:45 pm on November 12th, 2011:

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  3. 3 Mrs. Smitty said at 12:37 pm on January 27th, 2012:

    Oh, I love reading birth stories, even if they are from 3 years ago 🙂 They're adorable!

    And I love that Wyatt is trying to latch onto his brother's head.. newborns will try to engulf anything that comes in contact with their lips!
    My recent post Wordless Wed: The Difference: painting at 8 mo and 3 years

  4. 4 Beth R said at 10:57 pm on January 29th, 2012:

    Oh my goodness they are so adorable. I am so sorry to hear that everything was so rough for your. The good news is you have such wonderful boys now 🙂 I can't believe how fast they get big 🙂 Thanks for sharing with your readers your wonderful birth story

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