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November 12, 2008: Dad’s take

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Moments in life that change everything are difficult to describe and often what you put down on paper or in a blog doesn’t really do the moment justice. The day our boys were born I was on my way to Granite City to get a “last meal” and a few beers before the c-section that was scheduled for the following day.

On my way home Erin called and mentioned that she had been having contractions all day but to go ahead and get dinner still since this would be the last good meal we would have for a couple days. I didn’t really think anything of it until she called moments later to tell me that the Dr. recomended she go in.

After what seemed like days, the Dr’s decided to proceed with a c-section that evening at 10:30. The wait was just agonizing. Finally, they took Erin back to the operating room while I waited with Grandpa and Aunt Jenna and watched Family Guy to calm down a bit.

When they brought me back to the OR, Erin was covered in what looked like a blue tarp. I remember sitting there holding her hand while they performed the c-section and then hearing this sad little cry and looking up to see one of our sons. I am not an emotional person but I almost cried seeing him up there.

After this I went back and cut the cords and had to follow Wyatt to special care. I was so worried about him. Seeing my little boy in the isolet was one of the toughest things I have had to endure seeing him get poked and prodded and tested and not able to really hold him. This was one of those “oh” moments where you realize that life is much bigger than just you.

Thankfully, he was sent up there as a precaution and everyone was okay but it made for a very long evening of checking on Wyatt, seeing Lincoln and making sure Mom was okay. Everything that followed was a blur, but the important thing was that we had two beautiful sons, my wife was healthy and our “instant” family was able to go home from the hospital together.

I love being a dad.

I love coming home and seeing my wife and boys waiting for me and watching them grow more everyday although part of me wants them to stay little forever. The nights and days are pretty long and you don’t get to sleep or eat much and the bags under my eyes are constant but I think fatherhood looks pretty good on me.

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2 Comments on “November 12, 2008: Dad’s take”

  1. 1 samantha clinton said at 3:50 pm on January 26th, 2012:

    its so cute to see it from a dads point of view 🙂 so happy for your family!!

  2. 2 Beth R said at 2:15 am on January 28th, 2012:

    Thank you for sharing your point of view. I know when our son was born premature and he was in the NICU for over two weeks I never really realized how hard it had been on my husband as well. He just now can talk about it and it is 2 years later. Thanks for sharing such an important day in your life!

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