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All about Lincoln and Wyatt

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All About Wyatt

My name is Wyatt Josef and although I am small I make up for it by getting into mischief. How does a one month old get into mischief you might ask. Simple. I don’t like to nurse because it pisses me off. Besides when I get bottle fed I can see what’s going on and I have to know whats going on. Also I don’t like to sleep at night. Why? 4 words: I like to party. For example, last night Mommy and Daddy were watching the new Batman movie and put me down to sleep halfway through it. What is that all about? Seriously, I’m my father’s son. I’m really going to want to sleep instead of watching the Batman. On the plus side since I’m up all the time I have learned a ton of useful skills. I know how to help make Daddy coffee (he and Mommy seem to drink a lot of it for some reason). I am very good at shagging beers for Daddy when he yells “Red Alert”. Much better than my brother. Also if you have trouble telling us apart, I am the cute one.

All About Lincoln

I am Lincoln Davis and I love to sleep and nurse. I have my own trademark the “Lincoln O face” which everyone loves. I do not like mischief but I do love looking at my brother because it is like looking in the mirror at a smaller version of myself. I also love our Rainforest baby gym because there is a mirror I can swat at (this was a big hit). I love taking baths for some reason. I also have no control over my neck muscles and resemble a bobble head at times, although I can bang my head which my brother tries to imititate but not as well because I am way more awesome. By the way if you have trouble telling us apart, I am the cute one.

Both the boys

We love listening to music and hanging out with Mommy and Daddy. We aren’t sure what to make of our dog (he really isn’t sure what to make of us either). We are really looking forward to seeing Grandma Debby again and getting to meet Grandpa John. We also heard that Uncle Jake is using us to pick up women and we think this is awesome.

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