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It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago you didn’t even exist and were only a wish in our hearts. I think of you as my “first” baby because you were the first heartbeat. You were the first one we named- Little Yzerman. Later on we found out that you were indeed the “first” baby- Wyatt broke free a few days later unbeknownst to us until 11 weeks. For those 11 weeks we thought of nothing but you, not to mention what I could eat and drink, but mostly you.

You were always the bigger baby, the longer baby, the baby that wouldn’t let us take any pictures. Those things are all sort of still true. You are the bigger, longer baby and although you ham it up with big gummy grins we are still seeking that first great picture of that smile. You were the baby who kicked up a storm.

You were the baby who sat patiently waiting for the right moment to get labor started. Looking out for your brother I suppose, letting him get just big enough that we didn’t have to worry about him. You were the first one I held and the first one I really got a good look at. I don’t remember saying anything when you were born, I was too preoccupied with swallowing and breathing but Grandma E told me I took one look at you and said “They are even cute!” I was a bit worried about that I guess.

You are my sweaty sleeper. I love getting you up and having you rub you wet head all over my neck, nothing cuter. Your “extra neck” is a source of great hilarity to us. Seriously, where did it come from? It just appeared one day, extra neck, soon to be cheese factory. Speaking of, no one tells you that babies have extra deep crevices that need to be rinsed out every few hours. The things that accumulate in there are mind boggling!

Here are a few pics from the first few weeks of your life.
Every time I see this picture I think you look like a little woodland creature- a chipmunk maybe or a little hedgehog? something about your face and how you hold your hands…
I love your chunky face and the fact that your MU hat doesn’t even fit around your head anymore. I guess we’ll need to get you another one when we are in Kansas City.
This is you all dressed up- Minnesota style. Notice how your cheeks just melt right into your neck. I have to lean your head waaaay back to get into that delicious fold. I swear I could eat you up you are so darn cute!

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One Comment on “Lincoln”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 7:14 am on February 7th, 2009:

    I just want to munch you up you are so cute! I hope that you will not be be to big for us to hold the next time we see you. You are getting so big!

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