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Not so Happy Hour.

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Last night Mom had someplace she needed to be- a going away party for a former boss (her favorite Target person ever, or something like that…) so Grandpa E came and hung out with us for awhile until Dad got home. First, Grandpa E thought Wyatt was me! Ha- I know Wyatt’s getting big but I’m so much bigger, everyone is telling me so. Right before Mom left I woke up I wasn’t a very happy camper. I’m getting sick (thanks Mom) and I’m not in a very good mood. Mom handed me over to Grandpa and I took one look at him and let out a howl- you’re not my Mom!

Grandpa said he could handle it and Mom left- it was snowy and she had a ways to go. It was good to see Grandpa E (he seemed really happy to see us!) but we were not having a very good day! When Mom called later to tell Dad she was on her way home I was howling in the background- it was not a good night for me either.

Being sick is no fun. I couldn’t sleep all night, which meant Mom couldn’t sleep all night. This morning Both Wyatt and I are fussy and stuffy and coughing. We’re still eating and not running fevers so Mom isn’t too worried. We have appointments for vaccinations on Monday so hopefully we’re feeling a little better by then.

Our room is so noisy right now with the humidifier and the heartbeat machine and the new fish and rain forest thingy’s hanging on our cribs! I love my fish- I watch them through the mirror Mom has on the other side of my bed. Mom says it’s good because if I turn my head maybe I’ll get rid of the the little flat spot I’ve been sporting!

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