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It is what it is.

Posted: March 1st, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: CoMO | 1 Comment »

It’s tough being a Tiger.

We knew going into this game that there wasn’t much chance of winning (I mean it was KU…at KU!), but you always hope. Seriously we were ranked higher going in, right? So we got all dressed up like dad used to do when he went to the games- khaki pants and all. We looked like we were ready to rush or something! Except for the fact that we had gold satin blankets hanging from our mouths. After the game we threw on some comfy shorts and had a stiff drink- the good stuff (breast milk, obviously) to help swallow the humiliation.

Mom says it all the time- KU, you can have your basketball, just leave our football ALONE! We agree.

Lincoln says: “It doesn’t look good mom!”

Wyatt says: “Um, I think I’m gonna sit this one out.”

Message to Ben- we’ll see how this pans out in 18 years!

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One Comment on “It is what it is.”

  1. 1 Chelsea said at 11:42 pm on March 1st, 2009:

    Aw, it was a good game (admittedly for us, not so much you guys) but you DO generally have football, so it all evens out! 🙂

    You guys are adorable…even though you're wearing black & gold!

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