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Big Walk.

Posted: March 21st, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Misc. | 2 Comments »

Today is a beautiful day so we went on a big walk down to East Hennepin and did a little window shopping after lunch. We checked out Pacifier and found a few things that we think we might need- Little Democrat onesies and a couple nice outfits for their 6 month pics. We also stopped into Bibelot and found the coolest plates and bowlsmade from all recycled materials, I think we might get these for when the boys are eating solids, they are super cute and colorful.

The boys both passed out in their carriers. Lincoln had drool from his chin to the bottom of the Moby wrap, I was so wet I thought his diaper had leaked!

Here are a few pictures from the aftermath- two babies with power naps and lots of fresh Spring air under their belts.

Lincoln thought he might take a nap in his crib

Wyatt thinks he can go another round

*Yes, they are wearing the same shirts they were wearing last time I took pictures. They are almost too small and we need to spread the NE love around a bit, especially when walking around NE.

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2 Comments on “Big Walk.”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 4:46 pm on March 21st, 2009:

    The picture of you and Wyatt looks exactly like the picture of me holding you when you were 4 months, the day you got your 1st tooth. Our hair is even the same, except I paid for mine, yours in natural!!!


  2. 2 Anonymous said at 7:19 pm on March 21st, 2009:

    I know what dishes you are talking about. They are perfect.


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