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I’m probably jinxing this by posting about it but I’m going to any way.

If there was ever a night they are going to sleep through the night, this is it.
They had two+ hours out in the fresh air today and they were very very good

This is how tonight went:
-We fed them their bottles.
-We gave them their baths.
-We slathered them with lavender baby oil and put them in fresh jammies.
-We fed them their cereal and they both ate it. ALL OF IT!!!
-We topped off with more formula.
-We put two babies in bed, one was already out and the other well on his way.

I’m hoping the warm bath+ lavender oil+ cereal does the trick.

They slept until 5:45 this morning (8-9 hours) so fingers crossed tonight goes just as well. Not that we’ll sleep through the night. No, we’ll be up waiting for them to wake up. Funny how that works.

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