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Day 5.

Posted: April 27th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Roadtrip | 2 Comments »

Sunday morning we had some family over to Ryon and TJ’s for a little brunch and gift opening action. Everyone was very tired, some more than others (Auntie Jenna…). Mom made some awesome food when she got back from the reception the night before so we all ate pretty well, Grandma even gave Wyatt a taste of the sweet syrup off the tip of her fork. After that he couldn’t take his eyes off the fork!

After brunch we hit the road. The trip home always seems so long! It was a long weekend filled with absolutely no schedule. By the last night the boys were getting up every couple of hours so we were all very ready to end the trip and head home. The drive back wasn’t the best. We drove through a nice thunder storm and the boys had a hard time eating on the road. They did sleep most of the way this time, but we were all very very happy to hit Minneapolis. Thankfully the first night back brought semi-regular sleep for the boys.

Our last morning in KC.

We make this trip again at the end of May for another wedding. Maybe next time it will be a little less chaotic. Mom and Dad are really glad to have their first road trip with us under their belts.

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2 Comments on “Day 5.”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 2:09 pm on May 1st, 2009:

    Auntie Jenna, A.K.A Chatty Cathy!, had a great time at the wedding, The Bull Dog and with Uncle Charlie afterwards.
    She sure was cute though!!!!

    Grandma E

  2. 2 Erin said at 2:30 pm on May 1st, 2009:

    And very very tired the next day. Or, later that day, as it were.

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