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My sister Ryon and her sweetie TJ got married this weekend! It’s been a long road to get here and the weekend did not disappoint. First off, can I just say my sister is the most organized, laid back bride EVER! Her flowers arrived at the church and the lilacs looked, well, kind of dead. They weren’t dead, just not all bloomed like they should be, so she just called up the florist and asked if they could whip something else up in shades of lilac. This was like an hour before she walked down the aisle, 15 minutes before the florist closed…of course they whipped something up and other then the bows which she ripped off and replaced with Grandma’s hanky it looked great. Oh, and she did her own hair. I’m not talking some French twist up-do here, we’re talking pin curls that were set the day before…she was an amazing bride. Oh, and TJ’s not too shabby himself!

So enough about her, here are some pics!

Jenna getting ready

The Bride letting loose in the church basement

TJ and his Best Man

Walking down the aisle!!!

How’s this for relaxed:

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