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The boys both are fighting a bit of a cold. Lincoln seems to be having a tougher time with his and Tuesday Mom took him into the clinic because she thought he was wheezing a bit. When we got there they decided to give him a Nebulizer treatment. If it worked they were going to send us home with a Nebulizer for the duration of his symptoms. If it didn’t work they were going to do a chest x-ray.

It didn’t work and they didn’t do a chest x-ray. It broke up his congestion enough that they were happy just letting him work it out on his own. He doesn’t have a fever or any other symptoms of pneumonia so we still have a phlegmy coughing baby on our hands. This is pretty much the same thing that Dr. B told us the last time we had a cold at their 4 month appointment, it’s all up in their throats, they just can’t clear it out like you or I can so it seems really noisy and rattly when they are breathing.

The Nebulizer treatment was the most traumatic thing I’ve ever endured in my 5 short months as a mother. Trying to hold a screaming, thrashing baby while this noisy machine buzzed in the background as they held a mask to his face…it just about broke my heart. After a few minutes he gave up and passed out in my lap. Poor little guy.

I’m really glad we didn’t have to bring it home, I don’t see how we’d be able to do it on our own. Of course I know we would do it if we HAD to…but I’m glad we don’t.

We had a follow up appointment scheduled for today but they both seem to be doing pretty well. They still have that phlegmy cough but no wheezing and they are eating and sleeping and pretty happy. I think we just need it to run it’s course.

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