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So, um, okay…

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So, there was this post. And we thought Lincoln was getting better. Until last night when it was obvious that he wasn’t and Wyatt was starting to sound the same…

So after a few hours at our Saturday clinic, we now own these:

Complete with instructions to administer treatments every 4 hours and at night as needed.

They have Bronchiolitis and this should help clear them up. It May even help with the droolfest (who knew it could be something other than teething drool?) that is continuously running from their mouths and soaking through every bib/ shirt/ onesie combo we have tried.

At least today there wasn’t any screaming or thrashing, just a lot of pulling at cords and sad faces.

I think it’s going to make them feel better and even if we were a little reluctant at first, today was a much different experience so I feel better about having it at home.

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