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Peace and Quiet!

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Grandma and Grandpa C (Nana and Pop Pop) are in town and the boys are hanging with them at the hotel today. I actually went to Target without a baby and it was really weird knowing I didn’t have to hurry home to take care of them. Now I suppose I need to use my time wisely like I had planned and get this place picked up.

In other news the boys had their first real photo session with Melissa from Moments in Time yesterday. After I assured her that they were in fact smiley happy babies they both clammed up and spent the hour seriously studying her every move. I’m sure there are some great ones anyway. It turned out to be a really nice afternoon and we got to spend some time in the grass. Wyatt got his first taste of the outdoors- sticks and dandelions, right into the mouth. He broke out into a nice rash across one side of his face that resulted in some consulting with nurses on the way home from Grandma’s house. Everything turned out OK, the rash was almost gone by the time we got home. He takes after his Dad apparently!

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