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Here is a conversation that I had to laugh at:

Mr. Wonderful to Lincoln:

You just sit here and tie your chi while I yog.

Me to Mr. Wonderful:

How does he tie his chi?

Mr. Wonderful to me:

He plays with his chi ball…

T’ai Chi…Mr. Wonderful is famous for turning words into something else- remember Belly Ribbons (bilirubin)?

Yoga, Pilates and now T’ai Chi.

I guess it’s fitting that I’m grinding lentils and steaming peaches for baby food while the cloth diapers are finishing up in the dryer.

It’s probably all negated by the fact that we’ll have hot dogs for dinner. Nothing goes with fireworks like hot dogs.

Fireworks you ask?

Why yes- Target puts on a beautiful display for the Minneapolis Aquatennial every year- better than 4th of July and we’re lucky enough to be able to watch from our front yard. So that’s where we’ll be. In our front yard, even though we are within walking distance of the Mississippi riverfront where we could sit with our feet in the water to watch the beautiful bursts with all the folks who will certainly roll up here in the next few hours congesting our streets with suburban traffic and backing up the bridges for miles.

Another good thing about living in Northeast!

**Update: Mr. Wonderful and the boys went to bed early. I watched the fireworks through the window from the comfort of my office chair while playing Sorority Life on Facebook…and we didn’t have hot dogs either…no, we got take out from Surdyk’s Cheese shop instead. Lovely.

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