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In the Hood.

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I love our neighborhood.

But me thinks with the recent addition of two infants we don’t necessarily “fit” here anymore.

(see me in my tattoo tee?)

Like somehow our stroller is not welcome in these parts. What with all the sidewalk real estate it takes over while lumbering aimlessly around the block. Because now I don’t just look like I MIGHT be a Mom, I actually AM one.

And now that I have a baby attached to my hip my sarcasm just comes off as bitchy. And our favorite bar has been overrun with coeds (did I just write coeds? and also- go south to Dinkytown!!!) who play Madonna (I love her, just not in THIS bar!) and scream out the lyrics instead of sitting and drinking and being a little more toned down. And, we never get to go to our bar anyways because, well, we’ve got two kids- I can’t really bring a baby into the bar now can I! Can I?

(I’m also green!)

And surely, being a just a little crispy and having a nice collection of hoodies isn’t going to make up for losing all of our other cool points…

I feel this way because of the looks that we got from some hipster kids loading up a UHaul with all their stuff dressed in their skinny jeans and Blondie tees.

(just like these kids, but loading amps and lamps into a UHaul)

It was a look that said “Thank the lord we’re moving out of this so called paradise! It’s obviously been overrun with Gap jean wearin’ Moms pushing strollers full of kids!”

(To be honest I was always wearing the Gap jeans…just putting that out there.)

We were those kids a few years ago. Annoyed by strollers and babies and “What is that kid doing in this restaurant?” and “Why the hell do we need all these parks so close together?” and “Keep the kids and their bikes off the damn grass!” Yes, I know, bad attitude.

Now I’m more like “Who the hell brings their stroller to the Farmer’s Market, you can barely move here! Haven’t you heard of a wrap?” and “We’ve got three parks within eight blocks- Dickman even has a pool!” and “I think I’m gonna call the cops if I see those kids riding up into the damn grass one more time!”

(I’m gonna call the cops!)

That doesn’t mean we’ll move anytime soon. No way. We really love it here. Because of the cute shops and restaurants just blocks away. Because it’s smack dab between both of our jobs. Because for city parking it really can’t be beat. Because for city living you can’t get more down to earth. And, because of the hipster kids and their tight pants and their slouchy iPod encumbered walk. And because it’s nice to see a little mohawk every once in awhile. And, where do you think those hipster kid are going to live when they grow up and have their own little hipster kids? Maple Grove?

(Maybe we do belong here.)

(See my sweatband? I fit in!)

Anyways, I like it here. And I dress my kid up like little rock boys every chance I get. At least when they aren’t being dressed up like little Easter egg men (which is freaking adorable). I’m hoping the black hoodie, gDiapers and skull Baby Legs cancel out the stripped jumpers and drool bibs when it comes to coolness. Actually, bibs worn as capes IS kind of cool.

(preppy with a popped collar)

I also hope when the recruiters for mini-mites come knocking both my boys can at least stand up in their skates. Because urban moms can be hockey moms too…right? Please tell me I don’t have to move to the ‘burbs for a good hockey program. Just sayin’.

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