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The one where we go on a REAL date.

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Today we strapped the boys car seats into my Mom’s car (also their laundry- THANKS MOM!) and waved goodbye to them and attempted to have a big day of organizing without baby wrangling before we got ready for a night on the town.

Well, the baby swap took place later then we thought it would and by then it was time to paint some fingernails and relax before our 6:00 reservation- I know, almost early birds. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got kids!

The plan was to have dinner at Stella’s Fish Cafe** and go see Harry Potter. The dinner was terrific, the mussels were just out of this world and although I wish I had gone for the heavier sauce on my halibut the pineapple salsa was just right. By the time we were done eating we both knew we would never make it through the movie without falling asleep so we decided to find someplace to have a nice drink.

Our regular haunt would surely be loud tonight, what with the fantastic tap special they have on Saturday so we thought we’d go further down the street to a restaurant we like instead of ordering with Foodora again. It was good for people watching (they had a wedding AND a class reunion there but we were both pretty tired. Between dinner and drinks we had picked up dessert at The Cheese Shop, Red velvet Cake and Tiramisu, excellent as always. Once home we crashed pretty hard with no baby monitor to listen to! It was some good sleeping!

This morning, I slept until noon. Mr. Wonderful was up at who knows what time (I was OUT!) lowering the crib mattresses in the boys room. We saw a few attempts at pulling themselves up yesterday so we thought we’d get to it before we had someone tumble to the floor. I must say it’s a real sign they are getting big! Now they can come home to clean new sheets on their beds and a whole different perspective.

I have missed them. I really really have. I got a text from Miss Jenna saying they were laying on their Boppys having a bottle swaddled in pillowcases- just like a little sleeping bag. I imagine this was kind of fun for them- like campin’!

We are going to head out to Grandma’s here in a bit and have a nice Beer Can Chicken (really the best chicken you’ll ever have off the grill) before I go to work.

It was a pretty good way to spend the weekend although I do like the hustle and bustle of having the boys home almost better. Good thing we don’t get out alone THAT often!

*This was at the end of the night…notice Mr. Wonderful’s sleepy eyes!
** It was a great night to be on the patio up here, it kind of felt like being here but with a view of the city. I do have a question..What’s up Minneapolis? I think if I’m going to drop THAT much for a meal I’d like to see something more than jeans and flip-flops- maybe a sundress is in order? Why do people not dress up to go out in this town???

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