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Monday. Monday.

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It’s Monday- a new week, new things happening here…

***This just in!***
Lincoln, he of the large head and big booty just rolled himself over, back to front (to his knees actually) TWICE in an effort to reach Mr. Wonderful’s yoga blocks! Big development!

Since dropping the crib mattresses yesterday the boys did pretty well in their “new” beds. Good night of sleep, good naps. I think the transition has been harder for those of us who are short since we can barely reach them all the way down there in those cavernous cribs. But we’ll figure it out and hopefully before long the boys will be sitting up by themselves (getting themselves TO the sitting position that is) and it won’t be so far down to get them.

BIG BOY BATHS! That’s right- two boys, together, in the tub. They are really loving this new way to bathe. Now that they are sitting up it seemed like the next step. They like to splash and play with their ducks (if sucking on the ducks is considered playing) and just interacting with each other. I am always floored by how fun the *little* things are with these two.

Lincoln is completely ENAMORED with his brothers belly button. I posted the famous “hoser” pic of the boys a few posts below and even though Wyatt’s little button is shrinking each day, it still sticks out just a smidge. Lincoln likes to touch it, and push it in, and pinch it…he loves it. Wyatt doesn’t seem to mind.

Also, the boys like them some cold hard cash. Yes, that’s right. CASH. Mr. Wonderful just handed me some cash for gas and it was intercepted by the boys. They won’t let it go. I’m only hoping it doesn’t turn into shreds before I need to head up to SA to fill up my tank.

Also, talking with Miss Jenna the other day we are making plans to take the boys on a Big Adventure one afternoon a week. I need to get more comfortable getting these boys out and about on my own and I think I need to start by having a little help at first. Also, I really want to use what this city has to offer. I’m going to head over to the library once a week and check out what’s available for free museum passes each week and start from there.

So…any suggestions Minneapolis Mamas? We’re looking for cheap (or free) afternoon fun for boys under a year old. I’d love it even more if I didn’t have to pay for parking. Stroller access isn’t a must since we’ll wrap them if we can.

Thanks for jumping around with me this fine Monday! I’m going to go peel Wyatt off his brother now…seems to be a little impromptu wrestling match going on in the “nest”.

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2 Comments on “Monday. Monday.”

  1. 1 CharleyJax said at 9:01 pm on August 3rd, 2009:

    I remember the first big boy baths here, too. The boys still love baths. I may start calling it a pool in the winter! =)

    As for ideas… soon you should start thinking about the Children's Museum's Habitot room. It's not free for YOU, but is for them. And you will eventually succumb and get a membership anyway. I think it was around this time of the boys' lives that we joined. (We always have to renew in August, so…)
    Como Zoo is always good.
    If you come with me to the MN zoo, I can get one adult in free– and under 3 is always free.
    Rosedale play area isn't bad.
    I think Eagle's Nest in New Brighton is free under age 1? (And their toddler area is great!)

    I just looked back at the blog archives (as that is how I remember their lives) looks like Children's Museum was indeed August '07. Otherwise, playdates at friends' houses. You guys are welcome here, any time! =)

  2. 2 Anonymous said at 2:58 am on August 6th, 2009:

    Well I am sure not a minneapolis mom but I think the sculpture garden at the walker is a good trip for you and the little ones. and its free.


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