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I’m going to be a Helicoptor Mom.

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Well, maybe not the kind of Mom who calls teachers and questions grades or demands that her kid get special treatment in any and all things.

I’ll be the kind of Mom who never lets her kids out of her sight. Who can’t stop worrying for a minute if the ARE out of her sight. I already am this Mom, who am I kidding.

I watched it. The boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

As soon as I saw the main character (Bruno) and noticed, gee he looks like Lincoln (eyes, face, mostly eyes) I knew I was done for. When the story progressed to where we finally met the other boy (Shmoul) in the story, and his head was round like Wyatt’s, well, I started crying right there.

I cried pretty much from then on, because knowing enough about the Holocaust, being kind of obsessed with World War II history since the age of 15, I predicted what was going to happen. I wasn’t sure exactly how it would play out, but the end, I knew what it was before I even started the movie. I hadn’t read the book- I probably wouldn’t have gotten through the book. I doesn’t help that this isn’t a true story. Or that, given the fact that kids and the elderly were not usually found in the camps (why keep them around if they can’t work?) that this really never could have happened. Well, that doesn’t make it easier to watch.

Because you CAN imagine it happening.

And it makes you think of 1 million things that can happen to your own kids.

I’m already paranoid. These boys aren’t going anywhere without their mother, until they go to college.

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