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Some people are up in arms because the President is going to address school kids with a speech on Tuesday. He’s supposedly going to talk to them about the importance of staying in school.

People are mad about this. They are going to yank their kids out of class for the day so they don’t have to hear that message. I fail to see how this is an issue.

I mean…how DARE the PRESIDENT address kids about STAYING IN SCHOOL!

What kind of message are these parents sending to their kids?

George Bush was reading a book to some kids on 9/11- do you think he might’ve told them to work hard and stay in school at some point? I sure hope he did. At what point did talking about the importance of an education become bipartisan?

Someone said that it’s a ploy by Republicans to drive up the drop out rate…if that’s the truth well, nice platform.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now- Education is the most important thing you can give your kids (I think love is just a given here) and I don’t think enough people feel this way.

Health Care.

“Who’s with me?”

Michelle Bachmann suggests that everyone against Health Care reform “slit their wrists” and become blood brothers as some sort of sign of solidarity. Well Michelle- you first. And remember- down the road, not across the street (Thanks Jessica).

The system we have now is crap. Something needs to be done. It won’t be perfect but there needs to be change. Not everyone will be happy but you have to start somewhere.

What’s the point in digging in our heels and refusing to change. And what’s with people who have access to Health Care saying it’s not their problem if someone doesn’t. What if tomorrow you didn’t have access yourself? Would you be happy to forgo medical care for you and your family or would you change your tune?

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