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What is this nastiness that has befallen my home? Is it the common cold? Is it the dreaded flu? Whatever it is, it’s taking it’s toll on everyone. Mr. Wonderful was starting to feel sick on Saturday night and by Sunday was down for the count. He spent the next two days home. Tuesday afternoon I awoke from my slumber to find two snotty, drooling, crabby miserable babies in the arms of auntie Jenna.

There is nothing as sad as a sick little baby. Multiply that times two and you know how hard it was for me to walk out that door and go to work last night.

They would sneeze, then rub snot all over their little faces. Well don’t you just want to kiss THAT and make it better!

Um, No.

Since Tuesday morning I’ve been drinking shots of Airborne every 4-5 hours hoping that the extra vitamins will help stave off the impending mucus fest. It’s a losing battle. I’ve started to lose my sense of taste which is always the first thing to go with me.

I’ve got one more night this week. After tonight I can be sick. I just have to make it through tonight.


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2 Comments on “Coldflu?”

  1. 1 Lisa said at 8:03 am on September 10th, 2009:

    I am sorry your house is sick πŸ™

    But very cool about the button! Great job in creating and initiating that – you have helped them share their wonderful message. Thanks again!

  2. 2 chelsea said at 10:55 pm on September 12th, 2009:

    Ugh, it's going around! Tim & Ben were sick this week, too. Poor little snotty babies! πŸ™

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