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Happy Grandparents Day!

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After this week of everyone being sick- I seem to be hanging in there the best so far (Thank you Airborne!) I seem to be running behind on pics and videos of the boys. New stuff is going to have to wait another day…

Because today is Grandparents day!

Our boys have some pretty awesome Grandma’s and Grandpa’s if I do say so myself. These are the first grand kids on either side so they have gotten some extra attention for sure. Here are the pics of the each of them holding a grandbabe for their first time (or relatively close to the first time):

Grandma Julie- she was in the delivery room and stayed with me when Mr. Wonderful was whisked away with Wyatt to Special Care.

Grandpa Steve- he waited patiently with my sister Jenna for the boys to be born and stayed late into the night.

Grandma Debby- I can’t find my favorite pic- she’s barely in the door and already has both babies in her arms, but this is pretty much how it looked the first week they were home when she stayed with us. You couldn’t pry those babies from her arms!

Grandpa John- he was the last of the Grandparents to hold one of the boys and just like Grandma Debby he barely got through the door before he was holding a baby.

Happy Grandparents Day!

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